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"Rapture and Second Coming"

A Light For The Coming Night!

Looking Deeper At The Pre-trib Rapture & Second Coming Only Theology Teachings!


Initially the Lord comes as a thief in the night (Rev. 16:15), not pre-trib or pre-night (Matt. 24:8; 1 Thess. 5:1-3), or at the Second Coming dawn!



 The coming Summer or partial harvest means that many saved Christians who walk after the flesh will be left behind. No, these

 Christians wonít automatically lose their salvation, but they will be severely reprimanded as we readily see in the seven messages to

 the churches.


The Parable of a Fig Tree:


 Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and puts forth leaves, you know that SUMMER IS NIGH: So

 likewise you, when you shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors. (Matt. 24: 32-33)


 Establishing the Scriptural identity of the fig tree correlates to a man seeking fruit on the same for three years; he found none (Luke

 13:6- 8). Equaling that endeavor, Jesus preached the Gospel for three years to Israel, and, as a nation, no fruit materialized. So,

 from a New Testament perspective, Israel is the fig tree of Scripture, just as the Old Testament also affirms (Hos. 9:10; Joel 1:7).


 Israelís future Gospel fruit (the Gospel is going back to Israel in full poweróthe budding of the Fig Tree), or her coming tiny green

 fruits hidden behind her fig leaves, are still green at the Summer Harvest. Vice versa, the fruit of the Churchís initial redemption will

 be ripe for the picking in that summer. Then, many in Israel will no longer be blind to the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Rom. 11:25); that

 is, when salvation is at the doors for the Church. Certainly, then, the Parable of a Fig Tree has everything to do with the earlier

 Summer Harvest and its Jewish Wedding (at the doors). Now, to deny a SUMMER HARVEST (partial), is to deny and misunderstand

 the principles of harvest, not to mention the Parable of the Ten Virgins.


 In all three Gospel accounts of the Parable of a Fig Tree, Jesus said, this generation shall not pass till all these things be fulfilled.

 Contrary to the idea of Preterism (that Christ came in 70AD), the contextual generation of which Jesus spoke is the generation that

 began when Israel became a nation in 1948. More than likely, Jesus meant that the strength of this generation would not all die

 (pass), before all things are fulfilled.


 Rightly so, assorted fruits and grains always comprise the first yields ripening sooner. With that in mind, it is evident that Christians

 who donít watch by using godly values postpone the reaping of their own salvation. Here are some references to that effect: Matt.

 19:30; 24:45-51; 25:1-13; 21:36; Mark 13:34-35; 1 Thess. 5:6; Rev. 2:5; 2:16; 2:22; 3:3; 3:10; 3:20; 7:9-17.


 Now Christ commanded us to learn a parable of the Fig Tree. To this regard, those who diminish any Scripture because it is

 parabolic arenít really seeking the truth. And this just happens to be the case with multitudes of biblical expositors who just rely on

 their own instincts instead of the Spiritís instruction and gentle command to LEARN this parable.


 Fully in line with the Parable of the Fig Tree, is the mention of the early and latter rains in the New Testament (James 5:7). The early

 rain, as we can verify in any Bible Concordance, was Israelís seed-time rain (November-December). The latter rain, which can also

 be verified in this manner, was Israelís March-April rain in preparation for the spring- summer harvest (partial). Of course, as widely

 recognized in the Church, these two rains are symbolic of the Holy Spirit preparing His people in the last days, which is the context of

 Jamesís passage. The point being, these rains absolutely symbolize and call attention to the coming partial Summer Harvest for the

 Church. Note: James speaks of the judge standing at the door in reference to Christians who live after the flesh, two verses later in

 verse 9. By the way, although they actually donít exist, there wonít be any knocking or doors to open at the Second Coming, for that

 happens much earlier in the night, not at the dawn of That Day.


 Naturally, it is Christís will that all men come unto the knowledge of the truth, nothing held back (1 Tim. 2:4). In other words, it is

 the Lordís will that all men have knowledgeable truth, even when it comes to parables. However, the Lord will only give insight to

 those who seek and utilize what He has already given them: To him that has shall all the more be given, and he shall have

 abundance: but from him that has not shall be taken away even that which he has (Matt. 25:29). In respect of this certainty, the

 Parables of the Fig Tree and Ten Virgins are no small matter.


 Unlike the left behind foolish of the Church, who eventually come out of the Great Tribulation (Rev. 7:9 thru 17 ), the Jews will await

 the Second Coming. And this why they will lament:  The harvest is past, the SUMMER IS ENDED, and we are not saved" (Jer. 8:20)!

 Indeed, the green un-ripened fruit of Israel is left behind (Luke 14:24). The Jews, according to the prophetic Word, will brave "all

 these things."


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The Night-trib View Is That Christ Returns in The Spiritual Night Of The Tribulation!


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